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ALARC was founded in 1981 by Bill Wenmark and the students in his training program for first-time marathoners. Since then the club has become the largest marathon running club in the U.S. with members throughout the world. ALARC is a non-profit organization with executive officers and a board of directors. ALARC sponsors the 14-week Marathon Training Program, also founded and written by Bill Wenmark. MTP has two programs each year, one for Grandma's Marathon in Duluth, Minnesota and the other for the Twin Cities Marathon in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The program has trained over 3,000+ hopeful marathoners from the ages of 16-73. In eighteen years only eight (8) students have not completed their first marathon. This makes the Marathon Training Program one of the most successful in the U.S.


ALARC is also active in promotion and sponsorship of fitness events.  The club produces the Community Fitness program at the Hopkins Lindbergh Center, ALARC Core and ALARC Speed, written and lead by Bill Wenmark and his staff of coaches.  Bill Founded and Directed the Edmund Fitzgerald 100K Road Race and Team Relay in Duluth 26 years ago.  ALARC Legends 5K and 10K race is very popular and recognizes regular people who have done remarkable things in fitness that inspire others.  The race in June, is in Deephaven, Minnesota and is directed by Mark Kuhn, Kris Kuhn, Tom Kilzer, John Eiden and a host of volunteers.


ALARC also sponsors many travel groups to marathons throughout the world and the U.S. The club has travel groups to Boston, New York City, Las Vegas, Grandma's Marathon, Napa Valley, New Orleans, London, Paris and many other low-cost, friendly tours.


Bill and the ALARC Board know that great ideas do not happen without volunteers that commit time, passion, and energy to the ideas.  Bill and the Board has enjoyed thousands of volunteers who over the years have stepped up and make ALARC what it is today and what it will be in the future.


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Program Rates:

  • Core/Speed Program (1 Year) Per member: $35.00
  • Distance Program - Spring or Fall Session: $95.00
  • Distance 5K or 10K - Spring or Fall Session: $95.00